About the Fremont Fair

The Fremont Fair, celebrating its 43rd year, is a benefit for the Fremont Chamber of Commerce. The event, a celebration of Fremont's "delibertas quirkas" (freedom to be peculiar) culture, is comprised of three free-spirited traditions: the Solstice Fair, the Solstice Parade, and the inaugural Solstice Concert Series.

Festival Hours

Friday June 20th:
Solstice Concerts on the Redhook Main Stage - 5:30-11pm (Doors open at 5pm)

Saturday June 21st:
Craft Market and Fair Fun: 10am-8pm
Solstice Parade: 3pm
Solstice Concerts on the Redhook Main Stage - 5:30-11pm (Doors open at 5pm)

Sunday June 22nd:
Craft Market and Fair Fun: 11am-6pm

What Is Solstice?

Summer Solstice, technically speaking, its astronomical event that occurs when the sun reaches its highest point. Traditionally, the warmer weather and longer days signified the time to begin planting and harvesting the year's crops. The day marked the celebration of the fulfillment that was to be in the coming months. The same sentiment is shared in modern Solstice celebrations. The longest day of the year represents the end of the bitter winter and a celebration of the possibility of warmer months bring.

The Fremont Chamber of Commerce

As a beneficiary of the Fremont Fair, the Fremont Chamber of Commerce is able to donate over $10,000 to organizations such as the Fremont Solstice Parade, Abbey Arts, and the Art Cars.

About Fremont

Located a skip from downtown Seattle, the eclectic Fremont neighborhood lives by its unofficial motto "delibertas quirkas" (the freedom to be peculiar). Where else can you find a massive stone troll, Lenin statue, and a dismantled rocket nestled among a thriving neighborhood of business and pleasure.

 In recent years, Fremont has solidly established its place as a go-to Seattle neighborhood and tourism destination. The downtown core is filled with everything from chic shopping boutiques, to nightlife hot spots, tourism attractions, independent shops, professional services and people watching galore. There is a little something for everyone in the "Center of the Universe," long-known for its laid back style, but with a balanced blend of modern urban development