The Fremont Solstice Fair is dedicated to enhancing a thriving Fremont neighborhood. Through the Fremont Solstice Fair, building a safe community, celebrating local arts and self expression, and environmental stewardship is all part of the commitment to the neighborhood we call home. Celebrating and creating a better world has been at the core of the Fremont Solstice Fair from the beginning.

The Fremont Solstice Fair originated in 1974 as a fundraiser and neighborhood celebration produced by non-profit Solid Ground (then known as the Fremont Public Association). For years, the Fair was an integral part of Solid Ground's efforts to fight poverty in the local community. Since then, Solid Ground has experienced widespread growth and is now a leading regional force working against poverty, providing advocacy and support throughout the state. Based on this growth and other fundraising endeavors, Solid Ground transferred ownership of the Fair to the Fremont Chamber of Commerce in 2010, so that the festival would be better supported and managed by a local Fremont entity focused on the Fremont community. 

Today, 100,000 revelers visit the Fremont neighborhood for Solstice festivities. Funds raised at the Fremont Solstice Fair through vendor booths, sponsorships and donation opportunities support the Fremont Chamber of Commerce’s community grant program. Recipients of the Fremont Chamber’s community grant program have included